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Lanna Nobile ThaiLand.

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History...Our Dendrobium Nobile


orchid-exotic and forever enchanting originatesfrom the dense forest of Thailand and otherAsean countries. They thrive wild clingingto trees around altitude 200-2,000 meters above sea level. The European and Japanese orchid breeders shave developed many new varieties,and other characteristics form and presentsthrough year of research, Hybridisation Breeding during the last over a 100 years or more.











Wild Orchid Of Thailand

Dendrobium moniliforme

As The result : Dendrobium Nobile today have all the good quality of colour,shape,form,plant height,strong stems,each of care and flowering of Dendrobium Nobile could beinduced through the process
of preparingthe building of matured pseudo-bud which takes Approximately 2 months,then conditioned by 30 days of cool temperature at arouns 5 -13 °C Flower buds will appear all around the intensive breeding

Hybridisation and multiplication by mericlone in Thailand have given us materials for potplants both flower bud and stem bud. We are proud to present a wonderful dendrobium orchid to all the orchid lovers worldwild who can enjoy the genera of Dendrobium Nobile Type.

History Of Hybrids


Den.Nobile 2N
Den.Nobile 4N
Den.Nobile 3N
Dendrobium Nobile 3N


Den. Sakuragari (2N)
Den. Benchamin"Princess" (4N)


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