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Dendrobium nobile Lindl. is known as one of the most colourful species in the orchid world. It is an epiphyte i.e. it grows naturally on trees. It is found in high mountains in the northern region of Thailand. With long straight body this plant produces beautiful flowers behind its husks. The flowers give a gentle fragrance. It is mainly used as pot plant for decoration. The blooming flowers can last up to one and a half months in cool temperature.


For over a hundred years D. nobile have been cultivated in Japan, Europe, and Australia. In the early days breeders did not have sufficient technology. They resorted to cutting to generate new plants. Growing new hybrids from seeds was also a hit-and-miss method. As sterile techniques improved it was possible to produce thousand of seedlings from one capsule.

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Today new techniques are available to help reduce the high costs of using old process.
Yet the market price of this orchid is still high.
(World Genetic)
     At Siam Orchid Culture (SOC) we are able to supply a large quantity of D. nobile at a relatively low price. By using Mericlone process we can generate a large amount of seedlings, with the same characteristics as its parents, to meet any demand from customers.(Siam Orchid Culture Genetic)



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